How to shop online safely and twice as fast

Hii guys

Do you have issues with online shopping, like me? When I shop online, it literally takes me hours!! I’m so sick of it, because I can spend all the day on it and it’s just waste of my time. So I decided that, I wanted to shop more cleverly. Because no matter how much I like shopping, I can’t spend all my hours on it. So I have made 5 tips for you, about how you can shop twice as fast, more safely and buy something that actually fit you. If you can relate to some of my issues with online shopping, keep reading and even if you don’t you could might use some of the tips! 

1. First of all, before you get online, make a list of what you actually need. Maybe a sweater and a pair of jeans. And then only look under these categories, so you don’t get attracted to something you actually don’t need.

2. Make a budget for yourself, because then you can almost on every site, decide a price range. And then you don’t have to look all the pricy pieces through, when you can’t afford them anyway.

3. If it’s a new site you haven’t bought something on before, you want to make sure that it’s safe. Always read a couple of reviews on the site, to see what other people have to say about it. 

4. If you are looking for something specific, such as a velvet jacket. The website Polyvore is amazing, because it shows you, so many different jackets from different brands. It’s like a site full of sites, if that makes any sense… Just see for yourself



5. Sadly it’s not like there is a dressing room online… So because you can’t try the clothes online, there is a possibility, that you have to return whatever you have ordered, because it’s simply just doesn’t fit you at all. It’s so annoying and if I have ordered an item, I can’t fit, I won’t return it, because I’m to lazy… But there is a solution , so you won’t ever have to return any items again!

  • Get a proper measurements of yourself and keep it updated.
  • Then check the size charts on the site and it will be easy to find the right size for you. But be aware of that the size chart for one item, may not apply to everything.

I hope you guys enjoyed! If you have an amazing tip yourself, feel free to share it, in a comment below!




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